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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blogging 101

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Contact: Daniel J. Doyle
Moss Point High School (Moss Point, MS)

Blog Example Links

These are great resources for general blogging ideas!
- TeachersFirst.Com
- Scholastic's Teacher Blogs
- TipsForNewBloggers Blog
- Blogological Construction
- EduBlog Insights
- SupportBlogging.Org: Blogs on Educational Blogging List
- BlogHerald.Com
- Center for Learning & Performance Technologies (Blogging Tools)

K-5 Blog Examples:
1. Mrs. Mallon's Marvelous Messages Kindergarten Blog
2. Ms. Cassidy's Kindergarten and First Grade Classroom Blog
3. Ms. Gaudy's Second Grade Classroom Blog
4. Mrs. Myrmel's Third Grade Classroom Blog
5. Mr. Wright's (Student Authored) Fourth Grade Classroom Blog
6. MiniLegends (Al Upton's 8-9 year olds in Australia)

Middle School Blog Examples:
1. Mr. Mayo's Student e-Portfoios #1
2. Mr. Mayo's Student e-Portfolios #2
3. Barber Middle School's Faculty Blogs
4. Principal's Blog
5. 8th Graders Using EduBlogs

High School
1. Albany High School Blog
2. Game Time Blog
3. The Movie Worms Blog
4. NoMoGUm: Mr. Doyle's English Classroom Blog

Professional Development
1. WeAreTeachers.Com Blog
2. MossPitt: Moss Point Teacher's In Technology Training
3. Classroom 2.0: Blogging Tags
4. Around The Corner
5. Ewan McIntosh's Edu.Blogs.Com
6. The Fischbowl
7. weblogg-ed
8. Wesley Fryer's Speed of Creativity
9. ClioTech
10. November Learning
11. David Warlick's Blog

Other Blogs of Note
1. EphBlog (Williams College Alumni News)
2. Paulo Coehlo's Blog
3. Sleeping In The Mountains (Tim Patterson's Travel Writing Blog)
4. LitBlog

Blogging Lesson Plan Links
Read Write Think - Blogging About Your Own Utopia
Outside the Cave: Responsible Blogging
Format for Blog Projects

Online Etiquette Links
- Microsoft Online Etiquette
- Hope CE Primary Blog Rules

Blogging Videos, et al.
- Blogging and Google AdSense
- WordPress Tutorial
- Blogs in Plain English
- How to Create a Blog with Blogger
- Why Let Our Student's Blog Vox Tutorial
- Information R-evolution
- A Vision of K12 Student's Today
- Three Steps for 21st Century Learning
- Did You Know 2.0
- A Vision of Student's Today

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